Microsoft made something cool for Android?!

on{X} offers many of the features of the Locale Android app and much more. Check out the full article on TechCrunch.

“Nine people can’t make a baby in a month.”
— Fred Brooks
Balsamiq: Rapid, Wireframing and Prototyping

Product Manager: No, I need the button on the sign up page to turn rainbow colors when the user completes the sign up page.

Developer: Which button?

Product Manager: The submit button.

If only every developer interaction was that easy. More often than not the conversation between all involved parties and developers is a complicated and strenuous one. 

Developer aren’t trying to be difficult, it’s just when you’re working with a huge site, it can be very difficult to understand where someone want changes. Some pages or areas of a site may not have names.

It’s not uncommon for only developers to know certain functional areas of the site in depth, and worse of all, everyone on a team might be calling the same page something different (gasp).

This is complicated by the dynamic nature of web applications and further exacerbated by the emergence of mobile apps which may not have URLs to refer to as a common ground. 

What’s a team to do? 

You need Balsamiq!

It’s never been easier to work on a team. Let the ideas flow without focusing on design, colors or flair. Map out how you want the functional areas of your site to work and then hand it over to the developer. If there are any questions you two can have a dialog while looking at the same thing.

Balsamiq helps to answer the very detailed nuances of functional behavior for a website or application. It increases developer productivity by enabling them to code instead of continuously ask questions or check back with product development. 

Even better, there are plugins for both Confluence and Jira. You can even export mock ups as interactive .PDFs, static .PNGs.

Give it a try today! 

Disclosure: I have NOT been sponsored or solicited by Balsamiq to blog about them.